No Fun Part 2

Yeah, no big deal… issue 2 hit the mean streets of Victoria today.  Yeah, yeah, we cannot keep a straight face even on the other side of this computer about it.  We’re stoked, and if you thought the first issue was no fun, well prepare to be perplexed and confounded!

This round has a feature interview with artist Michael Jess.  A bloody rant about 150 years of colonialism in Victoria.  Photographs courtesy of Mikhail Miller and Kay Gallivan.  Poetry by Joshua Collis, Paul Benson and Beast Hero. Comics by Dirt Bucket, Joseph Williams and Trevor Burnett.  Words by Zoe Blunt, Pauly Hardcore, Kim Creatrix and a whole pile full of more awesome!

No Fun City! is totally free and you can find your copy at the following locations:

Camas Books and Infoshop, Black Raven Records, Maven’s, Wolf Sheep, Sarah’s Place, Legends Comics and Talk is Cheap!

<3 birdog

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One Response to No Fun Part 2

  1. way to go Serina. Can’t wait to pick up a copy

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