Thank You!

It’s hot, and particularly sweaty sitting in the window of this coffee shop.  Subsequently, I can think of no witticisms involving how last night was NO FUN.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it, because last night was Fucking Brilliant!

So Thank You! 

Thank You to all the Punks young and old who came out last night  for the show.

Thank You to everyone from Bungus, Raw War, Blood Nasty and Iskra who warmed us up last night.

Thank You Oi Polloi for playing a 2 Hour Punk Set.  Yep.  TWO FUCKING HOURS.  And it was Killer.

If you have never seen Oi Polloi, catch them while they are still here in the West Coast.  The sets are tight, the energy is high and the politics are fucking spot on anarchy.  The Punk is DIY and participatory meaning you’re on stage, you’re off stage, you’re at the mic, you’re crowd surfing and you’ve got banter in between songs… giving props to the Anarcho Teen Vegan Bakesale and reminding us exactly how to treat the cops.

2 fucking hours… 

You can check out the interview that Simon did with the Oi Polloi lads in the third issue of No Fun City!

Thanks to Wolf and Dani and Chris and Erin and Allan who all made the event fucking possible.  We love you all.

And as always thank you to my partners in crime Austin and Simon.

Gushing is done.  Fuck the Police.

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