No Fun City! Number 3 and Noise Show to Celebrate.

Well gee willikers, isn’t that swell!

September 5th at 6:30 pm, during the Festival of Anarchy you can check out a simply delightful little noise show at the Burd Hause!  +++ We’ll have brand spanking new issues of No Fun City! issue THREE.

At the show get your ears loved up by:

Tape Control Center

All funds raised at the show will be split between No Fun City! and the Big Brains Medium Dreamers Youth Collective.


Respect the Hause. Respect the pets. All Ages. No Fun.

This show is part of the Festival of Anarchy! Be sure to check out other delightful events here:

And you can find the birdog collective hawking our free magazine at the bookfair September 8th and 9th.  (Plus we ran off more issues of 1 and 2… oh mah gawd yoo didn’t!)  yeah we did.


After the show pop around the corner to Logan’s for the Geeks and Freaks night!

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